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More Information About Condos In Richmond

Today's condo and apartment market in Richmond has over 550 units that are listed for sale on the MLS®. The average price for Richmond condos is around $700,000. The entry level freehold titled condos are those older one bedroom units that are selling from $285,000. When compared to the new highrise concrete condos in the City Centre of Richmond, the one bedroom condos are typically not larger than 600 sq ft (not including the balcony area) and they are priced over $550,000. The larger units have living area from 635 to 700 sq ft that are priced from $650,000.

Woodframe condos are priced about 15% to 20% lower and most of them are located slightly further away from the City Centre of Richmond. They are priced from $485,000 for the smaller units which may have living areas from 600 to 680 sq ft. Older woodframe condos that have 2 bedrooms and one bath are generally priced from $435,000, while the smaller one bedroom one bath units are priced from $325,000 to $375,000.   

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