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The relationship between homebuyers and Agents must be based on trust and understanding. The home buying process requires good negotiation skills. There are many complex issues to be dealt with when buying a home.

We are committed to work for your best interests as your Buyer Agent. We can provide you insider advice on the types of home, location, neighborhood and the potential price appreciation of your home.

Working with a Buyer Agent

When searching for your dream home, there is only so much you can do online. You need to undestand the neighborhood, and view the inside condition of the homes you are interested.

Many home buyers fail to use the service of a Buyer Agent in spite of the fact that the service of a Realtor is FREE when you are buying a home through a Realtor. Check out the "Special Buyer Package" from Jameswong's Home Buyer Team.

Most home buyers are faced with a big problem!

The problem is in viewing a home in a timely manner. Very often, good homes are sold within days when they appear on the MLS System. Working with a team of dedicated Buyer Agents will ensure you are alerted to any new listings meeting your requirements.  

Some important factors to consider when buying your home:

  • What are the features you require in a home that will satisfy your lifestyle needs?
  • Where and what type of home you are looking for?
  • What is your budget and how long you plan to live in the home you are biuying?
  • Is this the time to buy or should you wait a little longer?
  • How to postition yourself if you are buying and selling at the same time?

If there are any special requirements on the home you are interested to purchase, kindly email me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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